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Trials can be jeopardized; lawsuits dismissed and judgments voided as a result of not properly following regulations related to serving legal service of process by servers (both private and public).

More often than not it is more beneficial to hire a Private Process Server (like SwiftWings Express) for fast and reliable service because this is their primary job whereas this may not be a primary job for others.

SwiftWings Express provides professional, Certified Process Servers and Legal Couriers for Virginia, North Carolina, and South Carolina.  We specialize in personal services whether evasive or complicated.

As a family owned and operated business, we believe that serving with due diligence and thoroughness are key factors in our work ethic. We pride ourselves in following all state and federal rules of civil procedure to ensure proper service of process to clients and do so in a swift and timely manner.

All of our services are executed by experienced, Process Servers and legal couriers. We provide elite and expert services to lawyers, businesses, government and individuals. We strive to be highly tactful, respectful, and thorough in every single case.

We are ready to help you and become part of your legal team at a moment’s notice 24/7.

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