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The SwiftWings Express Story

SwiftWings Express was conceptualized in Fayetteville, North Carolina in the latter part of 2007 by Ramon Charles Rodriguez, a disabled Viet-Nam era War Veteran and Ex-Fort Bragg Paratrooper.

The inspiration for creating the SwiftWings Express concept is credited to his daughter, Fantacia Rodriguez. Her diligence and dedication to hard work ethics as a process server in Hampton Roads, Virginia and her strong belief in due process of law served as a major catalyst for the establishment of a professional and dynamic service of process organization.

Mr. Rodriguez took courses to become a Private, Certified Process Server. He then attended an American Bar approved degree program in Paralegal Technology graduating with honors. This knowledge enables him to empower SwiftWings Express to become the elite of the new generation of process servers in NC, SC and VA.

HIPAA Disclosures Laws and the Confidentiality of Client Information

SwiftWings Express takes confidentiality very seriously. All Process Servers, Legal Couriers and office personnel are trained to comply with Federal rules regarding HIPAA disclosure laws. In addition, our training also assures strict confidentiality on any information obtained in the course of our professional relationship with our clients.

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