Process Service that is Prompt, Diligent, Affordable, and Accurate.

Highly Educated, Highly Trained, And Certified!

Although North Carolina, South Carolina and the Commonwealth of Virginia do not currently have statutes requiring private process servers to be Certified, SwiftWings Express requires certification for their process servers and follows advanced methodology, newly established legal precedents and evolving regulations from many states. As such, our servers are required to study and take tests through a national organization in order to obtain their certification. We are dedicated to providing the very best process servers, with the upmost confidence that you are receiving the highest quality of process service in the U.S.A., that we guarantee high performance on all our services!

The SwiftWings Express Service Pledge

1. We personally guarantee to be straightforward in our ability to deliver the services we advertise or we will refund 100% of your money if you are not 100% personally satisfied. All we ask is that you be straight forward with us when you solicit a quote.

2. We personally guarantee to always conduct ourselves and our business with the highest ethical integrity

3. We personally guarantee to always deliver the appropriate if not the highest level of service for each client within full compliance of all governing state and federal rules of civil procedure.

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